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Are There Any Free Phone Lookup Services?
Are Most Phone Lookup Services Scams?

Someone has just called you on the phone and you don't recognise the number. Or for whatever reason, you just need to find the name and address of the owner of a phone number. Most of the websites you have visited will invite you to type in the number. When you do so, they either give you a negative result or they give you some vague information on the number and then ask you to pay up before provding you with more details. Isn't that just frustrating? Is this a scam? Are there any free legitimate phone lookup services available?

TRUTH: There are no free reverse cell phone directories

There are probably no free reverse cell phone directories available. Why is this so? Firstly you have to understand that most companies that offer reverse phone lookup services are huge privately owned databases that contains millions of records to track down people's name, address, city and state. In some cases, you can also get a full background check and many other services if needed. These companies exist for only one purpose -- to make money by selling the information on their databases.

SO Why Can't I Get This Information For Free?

There are plenty of free reverse lookup sites for land line numbers. So why should cell phone numbers be treated differently? The short answer is -- classification of the information. Your home telephone number is classified as public domain information and has been so for decades. That's why no one has to ask your permission to list your number in the telephone book. In fact, you usually have to pay a fee to get it unlisted.

On the other hand, cell phone numbers are generally more private, since you're charged for every call you receive, even if the call is from an unknown party (or a telemarketer that you don't want to talk to!) That's why cell phone numbers are typically harder to track down.

A few years back, there was some talk about putting together a reverse cell phone directory where all the different cell phone service providers would contribute their numbers, and the directory would be made available to the public. However, the concerns about privacy and telemarketers caused this idea to be abandoned (for now).

That doesn't mean that putting together a reverse cell phone directory is impossible. The truth is it can be done -- and has been done -- but it requires plenty of effort, since the information has to be compiled manually from millions of different records. Because it takes so much work, no one is able to offer this service for free.

THE REAL ISSUE IS: If I Need Pay For A Reverse Phone Lookup Service, How Would I Know Which Company is Reliable?

Once you come around to the fact that there is no free reverse phone lookup service, the main probem that you will face is: If I have to pay for this service, how will I know which company is reliable and will give me accurate and comprehensive information? This is where we can help you.

There are so many reverse phone lookup companies on the Internet. This is obviously a very lucrative business. At the last count, there were more than 40 such companies offering their services on the Internet! The problem is the majority of these do not provide complete or even accurate information.

After rigorous testing, we have found 4 companies (listed below) that offer reliable and accurate information. These companies shortlisted provide comprehensive information for all types of numbers (both cell phone and land line - and even some unlisted numbers). Furthermore, you are told what information is available before you decide to pay for the service.

Moneyback Guarantee

There is one more criteria that we felt was important to you as a comsumer. All the 4 companies recommended below come with a 60 day return policy. In other words, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the services provided after you have paid for it, you can obtain a full refund within 60 days of your purchase. This is guaranteed by ClickBank, one of the oldest and largest online retail outlets on the Internet.

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